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Hear me out, “JoJo Siwa: The Musical”

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JoJo Siwa is an American celebrity who rose to fame in 2013 after being the youngest competitor on the Dance Moms spinoff, Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition.  Her popularity on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition earned her a spot in future seasons of Dance Moms, and since then the now 17-year-old has exploded into stardom and become a regular household name. 

While JoJo Siwa is an incredibly talented performer, she remains just as iconic for her sense of style, which is all things rainbows, unicorns, and glitter.  Although maybe a little stereotypical, these are the exact elements of pizzaz that make the musical spectacle we as thespians have come to love.  Imagine all the Tony Awards for best costumes, best set design, and best makeup that could come from a JoJo Siwa musical! 

The theatre, especially in schools and communities, is often regarded as a welcoming environment where everyone is safe to be who they are.  This pairs incredibly well with JoJo Siwa’s anti-bullying platform.  The plot of a JoJo Siwa musical could focus on her rise to stardom and all the hate she receives just because she is unique and unapologetically herself, and how she manages to block out the haters and maintain a positive attitude. 

The musical could be done in a jukebox style by using her own songs like Boomerang and Hold the Drama to advance the plot and tell the teen superstar’s story.  Additionally, JoJo Siwa’s coming out story would fit in very well in a musical about acceptance, anti-bullying, and staying true to yourself. 

Perhaps some might think that a JoJo Siwa musical would only work well as a children’s show.  While it certainly could be written for younger audiences, we have seen multiple instances where “kids” shows become widely successful and are beloved by adults as well.  Examples of these include The Spongebob Musical, Annie, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, etc. 

On a sillier note, a JoJo Siwa musical would probably have some reference to Abby Lee Miller, and Patti LuPone could have already secured the role in 2008 during a performance of Gypsy when she literally stopped the entire show to yell at an audience member for taking pictures during the performance.  Plus, it’s safe to say we would all love an Abby Lee Miller musical number, and Patti LuPone has yet to disappoint with a musical number. 

As for JoJo, if the young powerhouse herself wouldn’t be able to fulfill the role, there’s plenty of young, eager Siwanators who embody her spirit that would absolutely dominate the Broadway stage.

What do you think about a JoJo Siwa musical?  Let us know in the comments!

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